Push Bikes!


Every so often I pull this bike out and play with it.

It was built in 1952 by my father, that's him with the hammer.

Early 50s Ellis Briggs frame work 

After leaving the army he returned to Ellis and Briggs Cycles in

Shipley and carried on as a frame builder for them.

He built the frame that Ken Russel had won the Milk Race (Tour of Britain)

on in 1952.

1952 Ellis Briggs staff 

Liking the frame he built one for himself,

the seat is a little taller, after all he was a good bit taller than Ken,

and the frame is still in my possession

After his death at the age of 90 last year this is the one thing of his I own

and cherish above all else.


I don't ride it on the road, but do use it on a Turbo trainer to keep fit.