Work bikes and Test rides


BMW have had a baby!

That's right , a small engined single, in fact they've had 2 but

this is about the G310GS not it's sister the G310R.



On paper, er I mean the computer screen, this bike looks too good to be true,

a 313cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine in a low seat height frame. So a quick visit to my

local dealer saw a test ride organized.


I collected the bike and set off into traffic, no worries there the bike seemed

solid and sure footed, a quick steep hill later and I'm beginning to relax.

Once out on the open road I soon got the hang of this baby GS, the 5th gear being a

favourite to just power on up hills and pass traffic.

Despite the wide bars the bike is remarkably slim, the tank covers forming a

comfortable wedge to rest legs against, very useful on tight downhill hairpins.

80 miles passed all to quickly, and the seat only started to hurt for the last ten or

so (30 miles before seat fatigue sets in on the CRF250L!), not bad as this is

a standard seat and not the comfort touring one.



On fast A roads the bike held 55-60 no trouble and even had a lot in reserve for

those overtaking moves you sometimes need to do.

Then the hills appeared, Yorkshire Dales roads, sharp uphill sections, twisty down hills,

the bike just sat there and did everything I asked.



The Front brake has been criticized for being poor, I didn't find that. on the steep

hairpins I found that the brake gave good feed back adding to the sure footed feel of

the bike. ABS is standard and, as I've found on th works CRF, can make the brakes

feel unresponsive when things get interesting, on ordinary roads no worries, on gravel

corners down steep hills, then the ABS will work and can, sometimes, make the brake

feel as though there's nothing there. On the contrary though the brake is working much

better than I would have expected.


A quick blast on a dual carriage way showed that 70 is no problem, I'm told that 80 has

been seen and the speed was still climbing, but I would think that cruising on the

French toll roads at this speed would be hard work, looks like I'll have to sit in the

inside lane and 'cruise' at 70 when abroad.



3 hours passed and so did a lot of miles, so how was the fuel consumption?

Surprisingly good, lets face it, you don't take it easy on a test ride,so 76 to the

gallon average is pretty damn good!



Over all impression, would I want to take this bike over the Alps, hell yes!

it's just the getting there from the UK that'll be hard work...

....but it could be worth it.