Work bikes and Test rides

Jawa 350

This was the first bike I rode as a Park Ranger, cool eh?

To be honest it was 1987 and even then these bikes were, er,

out of date.The brakes were terrible, twin leading shoe front

and single rear drum brakes should have been adequate but

were some what lacking.

To start the 2 stroke twin you pushed the gear lever in

and raised it up, then acting as a kick start you jumped on it.

If your foot slipped off on the swing down it would fly all the way back, engage

gear lever mode, continue on and down and select 1st gear.

The result was a lurch and stall, some cursing and begin all

over again.

Once you got used to them though, they handled well for

the lack of power and excess weight. I've ridden worse.

Surprisingly my old bike is still on the DVLA data base!

Being a 2 stroke they needed the oil and petrol mixing in the tank,

not a very accurate way of lubricating the engine, but it worked.

Eventually these bikes were replaced by Suzuki GS450s,

a much nicer bike and, for some of my colleagues a real eye opener.