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Kawasaki KLX250

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For a short period, 2011 to 2013, this was the only off road capable 250 readily available. So what's it like?

Well, a little lacking in power, rough on the suspension and sluggish on the road. That said it's not a bad bike, but it isn't a good one either. The first thing you notice when astride the bike is the seat width, now that should mean a comfortable seat. It doesn't, the seat on this bike is worse than the WR250s, and as for the suspension..

The good points, price, this is a very affordable machine with prices starting at just over 4000, Ease of control, yes I know that sounds odd, but on the road and at low speeds the KLX is stable and trustworthy.

Unlike the Honda the instruments are easy to read and not blocked by the brake pipe.

The bad points. This is not a proper off road machine, despite the looks it soon struggles on 'interesting' surfaces (that's thick mud!) Seat, not a good seat for all day riding, but fine for a short commute.

On the road. Out on the open road the little Kwacker is stable and handles respectably well. As with the CRF though it lacks in oomph at higher speeds, struggling to pull 70 up slight inclines. Through traffic though it feels more at home, sliding into those gaps and filtering well. Once off the tarmac things get interesting. The front forks and rear shock just aren't up to hard riding on rough dirt tracks, at slower speeds it's fine but once opened up it soon becomes a bit of a hand full bucking all over the place.

Would I but one? Well for commuting and the occasional foray of road, probably, for regular green laning, no, there are better options out there.