Work bikes and Test rides

BMW R9T Pure


The sky was grey, as was the paint work,

when I tried to take a photo the light was flat, as was the engine,

this was a test ride on a BMW R nine T.

Was the bike grey and flat, or just boring?



A big resounding NO!


I wanted to see if this bike would be suitable for a long haul down through France and the Alps,

so a ride of some 75 miles through twisty hilly dales roads was taken. As I set off the bike felt massive,

I haven't ridden a bike this big and powerful (apart from my R65ls) for quite some time,

I was surprised at how docile it felt.

Pulling away was a little un-nerving but smooth and surprisingly predictable, similar to my old 650.


Once on the open road I soon settled into the feel of the bike and after a ride through traffic was happy

enough to try a short high speed road.

Wow! Did I say this bike has a 1170cc, 110BHP engine?



Well it has, and boy did it surprise with the acceleration.

70 was reached quickly, and the bike would have gone a lot faster. French motorways will be

a breeze on this bike.


Into the Dales and up twisty roads over towards Malham. With the weight low in the frame the bike

swung through corners with ease, hairpins uphill and down dale were taken in it's stride.

Riding Alpine roads and Cols should prove easy.



All to soon it was time to take the bike back to the shop, and to say goodbye to an interesting,

enjoyable machine, which for some reason felt a lot smaller than when I'd set off.


Flat and boring? No way. Grey and dull? definately not, this bike was set up with sports (ie stiff)

suspension, which could and would be softened for a trip down through the alps. Is it suitable to tour on?


Yes, and with a few small comfort alterations would handle the 'Tour easily.



Interestingly, for 2019 the R nine T series from BMW now have colour choices and are as near an

'old fashioned' style of bike as they get.

The electronic rider aids are minimal meaning the experienced rider gets

to do it all the hard way, oh what fun! The youngsters nowadays don't know what they're missing...


I, on the otherhand will be taking delivery of this in March'19. Meet Nina.. new girl will be taking me down the Alps.