Range Finders

Super Silette


A brick of a camera that you know you're carrying. The earlier version feeling better built than the later one.

After a shutter clean I managed to get the Mk1 working, but as yet haven't run a film through it, the Mk2 on the other hand has been used.

The 'finder is clear to see in use and focuses well. It just looks strange when you  open the back to find the tiny( by comparison with the camera) roll of film.

Readily available on ebay these cameras are a good introduction to rangefinders, but be warned, there are several lens/shutter combinations and the fater lenses tend to cost more.I have a f3.5 lens on the Mk1 and a f2.8 lens on the MK2, both are mounted on Apotar shutters.

Image quality is passable, but I do prefer my Leica and XA.