30th Anniversary

Tues 18th August
After feeding George we started out for Manchester, a slow drive with road works on the M62. Booking in was easy and the flight uneventful.

The train from the airport to Malmo was quick a and, again easy to use, the finding the hotel was the hard part.
As we left the station in Malmo there was no tourist info. Val was going to go back in the station when I saw a Scandic hotel. We asked at reception and they pointed us in the right direction and gave us map.

Scandic hotel number 2 wasn't too far.

After booking in we headed back into the fray, there's a festival in town!
A wander around, a beer in the jazz tent and another wander found us eating in one of squares. We had fried elk, very tasty.

Back at the jazz tent we had another beer then returned to the hotel to collect jackets.

Better dressed we wandered around, again, visiting a church. Built in the 18th century it was very bright inside, the walls were painted white which gave bright airy feeling.
Back on the street we followed the sound of rock music. There was a live group playing and a dance floor in front. Swedes whirled and jived around, a wonderful site and so many enjoying themselves.

Finally, we returned to our room for a night cap, Black Grouse, before bed.