30th Anniversary

Wed 19th August
                            Sunshine outside, who says it's always cold and snowy in Sweden?
Breakfast eaten it was out onto the streets. A walk through town and down to the strand found us sitting in the cafe of the bath house. Beer and Danish pastries for a snack, and watch the world go by. Lazy, but nice in the hot sun.

Eventually we walked back into town and had korves for lunch before visiting a few shops. The festival was getting ready for the evening so we returned to our room for a drink and a rest.

Revitalized, we set out for a walk around the parks before being drawn to a music tent. Good rock'n'roll and beer saw us settle for an hour or so.

Eventually we headed into the festival core for food, Val had a Chinese box, I had a sushi selection. We both enjoyed our meals and then moved on to another music venue before finally returning to base.

After a Grouse it was bed.