30th Anniversary

Thurs 20th August
                            Well, it's sunny again.

So after a good breakfast it was down to the station and get a ticket for Lund. We were shown how to use the machine by a nice Swedish girl, she also explained that in Skone you could only get one way tickets. No problem.

The ride to Lund was fast and smooth, very soon, after a coffee, we were walking into the town. I say town but Lund is a city with a wonderful cathedral, which we visited.
In the crypt is a wonderfully carved pillar which has Finn the giant holding it up. Other pillars are carved as well, the floor is covered with the monuments to the great of the day, some are 600 years old.
Back up I the church we watched the astronomical clock go through the mid-day show and then left, feeling guilty.

A wander around and some beautiful streets found us in a bar for refreshments. Neither of us were hungry so we just had a b3r then moved on. We passed through the market hall and visited several 'used things' shops, ending up in as park.

The evening closed in so we sat in shade back at Viggo's bar where we ate.
Val's fish and chips looked and were, I'm told, very nice. I chose a burger, which posed problems on how to eat it! Knife and fork was the answer.

Finally,footsore and fed, we caught the train back to Malmo, where the festival was in full swing. Back on the room we freshened up then headed out to a tent where good music had been playing the day before. We weren't disappointed.
After a couple of beers we returned to the room and bed