30th Anniversary

Fri 21st August
                         Yes it's sunny, and time for breakfast.

Once fed we packed the last bits in the case and walked across to the station, pausing for a last coffee in Malmo, and waited for our train. It was a few minutes late but held the wonderful sight of Benny and Lotta. They had held two seats for us.

We hugged and caught up on the latest news while we traveled into Copenhagen. Once at our stop we walked to the hotel, pausing for a drink and lunch on the way, the way we took had no meaning to me on the ground but Benny was spot on with his direction.

Cases dropped and rooms sorted we headed back out.
First stop was a small brewery, one of many in the city. The beer was good and the barman spoke good English, he was from the UK!

Next stop was a square and food, Moules and a glass of wine, then back to the hotel to meet Mikael. He was later than expected and a welcome addition to our little group. Back out we headed to another micro brewery in a pub where we had another meal, this time a with a couple of beers. We talked and passed news before moving to another bar with 60something beers on tap!

Benny organized a sampler tray with 5 different beers, some were, er, interesting? Others just full of flavour.
Finally it was back to our rooms and bed.