30th Anniversary

Sat 22th August
                          A shop sign had the date!
We met at breakfast, ate and then set off out into the city walking along ' the pond' and into the centre, stopping for a drink in Nyhavn. Moving on from there we walked to a restaurant that Benny new, where we had lunch.

Open sandwiches, beers and aquavit accompanied by tastings and songs passed all to fast. The meal was good, we all ate different choices and tried different beers.
Once fed we moved up the road to a bar and more drinks.

From there Benny led us to the old slaughter house quarter. The relatively modern buildings have been re-used and are a selection of bars and restaurants. Strange but good!

War Pigs was the chosen bar for there own beer (Mikkler Brewery?) which was a good choice. The food coming from the kitchen looked as good as the beer,, but we were not eating there.

Instead we moved once more and went to Tivoli.

An Italian meal and Benny, Val and Mikael took a roller coaster, Lotta and I watched. Eventually we left and walked back for another late night, sorry, that should be early morning!