30th Anniversary

Sun 23rd Aug
                       Breakfast and a gentle morning found us in a bar recalling the past few days before the 3 intrepid Swedes caught their train home. We sad to part, but will be back in Falkenberg with them next May, something about a birthday.

Val and I went back to War Pigs where we ate. Pork, potato salad and gherkin's accompanied my a couple of beers. As the afternoon moved on it found us down by the river watching the closing stages of the Ironman event, Mikael didn't run it, he wanted to give others a chance....

As the day closed we found ourselves in Nyhavn, neither of us was hungry so we headed into the shopping streets where we had a coffee before returning to the hotel.
Our feet were sore and we were tired, partying for 2 days is fun but at our age...

Bed called, so we watched a film on TV then went to sleep