30th Anniversary

Mon 24th Aug
                      Happy birthday!
We went to breakfast and decided to use the train to go to Helsingor. Everything today was Val's choice and the birthday girl chose well.

Leaving the station we went for a look at Elsinore, actually called Kongberg. This is the castle that Shakespeare set Hamlet in. The first surprise was the harbour. A recent exhibition centre offered a chance of coffee and cake. We headed across the bridge to see what we could of the castle ad discovered that we could walk around the outside of the walls for free, and there was plenty to see.

Happy, we walked into the old town and found a nice little eating place for lunch. The choice was good, both of us opting for salads. It too a while to eat, the meal was good and the wine we had just fine. A couple of espresso's finished the meal of and it was then shop time.

Eventually we found our selves back on a train heading home. As we left the station the sun and heat hit us so we called in a food hall and had a couple of large G'n'T s, very refreshing. Back out and a short walk took us to Norrebro Bryghus, where we sat and had a few beers while we recalled the day's events.

Leaving the brewery we headed back to the hotel for a night cap on the terrace before going to bed. A good day.