Brittany Oct 2015

Sat 24th Oct

                     So, Hannah arrived on Friday evening, we ate and then slept.


Until 4.30, when we set off towards Folkestone and the tunnel. Stopping at Stibbington for a bacon sandwich and a coffee at 7.00 found us well on the way. Next stop was the terminal.


After the recent trouble with migrants and the French terminal we wanted to be early, in case we needed to change plans and get a ferry instead, but all was running normally, so on we went, through we went and off onto the open roads of France.

Val drove off the train and didn’t get out of the driving seat until we hit Guer and called at the supermarket for supplies. Hannah snoozed and talked, keeping us amused for the journey, how things change, 20 years ago I kept her and her brother amused on long drives!


The only stop made on the way across the northern regions was for fuel, not bad really. the drive taking 5 ˝ hours in total from the tunnel


The cottage was easy to find, despite a panic about accessing everything in the dark. It was still light on arrival; the clocks were to go back an hour after we’d arrived!


Another of Nicola’s lovely cottages was welcoming, the heating was turned up and a meal made. A prawn starter followed by cassoulet au confit de canard (bought last May and taken home, then brought back!) as a main was washed down with copious amounts of anti-freeze.


An evening relaxing and then bed.