Brittany Oct 2015

Wed 28th

              Misty outside and a late start, still the weather looks better than the forecast yesterday said it was going to be.


Breakfasted we set out for Becherel, an hourís drive away, Hannah refused to navigate on principal, she wanted us to get there! As we rolled into the town the mist was lifting, itís a bit eerie when you pass a wind turbine base and have no idea if it has any blades, let alone whether theyíre turning! But in Becherel there was almost a view across the plains below.


Walking around the town saw several book shops and brocantes visited before we had lunch. We waited a touch too long for the menus but after ordering we were served quickly with a fresh salad for myself and hot, fresh filled galettes for the girls. The staff interaction was bright and cheerful making the wait a forgotten hiccup. To finish the girls had sweet, sticky crepes, where as I had another Chouffe beer.


Satisfied and for once not over fed we wandered back into the shops before finally leaving to head home around 3.30ish.

The road we took headed through Montfort-sur-Meu where we stopped for a leg stretch. I think we missed the point of this place as none of us seemed to find any sign of tourism.


Back in the car and down to Plelan-le-Grand and a quick stop at a Super U for supplies and 3 boxes of wine. As we parked Val and Hannah saw another large shop on the edge of the car park and headed there first. Itís amazing that even in a foreign language the can still find the equivalent of a T K Max!


After a couple of visits that seemed to go on for ever we were once more back on the road, avoiding a detour and heading home.


Once back at the gite we relaxed before a meal of seafood starters (crevettes et boulots) and charcutterie salad. Hannahís chocolate mousse went down well.


Another lazy evening before bed and a good nightís sleep.