Brittany Oct 2015

Sun 25th

               How well did we sleep?!


A fine morning with sunshine was awaiting us, so, breakfast over we headed into Malstroit and a supermarket for provisions. Once bought we returned briefly to the gite to put things in the fridge before heading northwards for a day’s exploring.

First stop was Treucneheuc and a short walk to l’Arbre d’or.


The sun shone on the gold plated tree and provided a spectacular sight. As we stood next to the adjacent lake we could hear something falling into water, these turned out to be acorns from an over hanging Oak tree, that gave Hannah an idea.

She started collecting things for back in her and Jo’s new house. By the end of the day she had a wide collection of nuts and acorns to go home.


The creperie in Tréhorenteuc was closed so we drove into Néant-sur-Yvel  where we found the Auberge de Table Ronde, an unassuming and welcoming restaurant.

Lunch was a three course meal,  prawn salads for the girls and a goat cheese one for me were followed by duck and steak mains and sweet finish offs. Everything was tasty and, with coffee and wine cost a meagre €55 plus tip.


Back on the road it was on to the ancient oak we’d visited in May and then into Paimpont.


The town was so different to our last visit, Sunday locals filled the streets and were walking around the lake, the whole town, as in fact Brociliande had, had a feeling of a holiday or fete. And was so much more welcoming for it.

A few shops visited, we had a strole alongside the lake and back to the car. The last drive found us returning, via Porcaro and Monteneuf to our gite, just outside Reminiac.


Steak Hache for our evening meal, after a charcuterie plate and before a sweet. Wine helped the evening pass, as did a video (A Good Year)


Finally bed and a good night’s sleep.