Brittany Oct 2015

Mon 26th

               There’s a mist on the field behind the gite and today’s forecast is mixed, but mainly dry. I can hear the coast calling.

So breakfast eaten it was on the road to Damgan, an hours drive in sunshine most of the way.


Arriving, we had a quick check in the main town before driving a little way out and having a ramble along the sea shore. Sunshine and a gentle breeze made the walk a pleasure, I played with cameras while Val and Hannah collected old oyster shells for ideas back home. As the tide started to come in the locals left the beach, most of them carrying bags of shellfish, some had trolleys as well.

Back in the car we returned to Damgan and walked into the centre where we went into La Galion, a restaurant Val and I had eaten in last may.


The menu was good, we all ate well and enjoyed our meal. The only down side was mussels were off the menu.

Fed and watered it was back to the beach, where the girls had a paddle. I knew if I joined them I’d end up with wet trouser legs.

I was right!


The water was warm, surprisingly so for the end of October. Back in the UK we’d have had frozen toes, but not here.

A walk along the prom to a bar found us sitting watching the world go by,  two elderly ladies were taking exercise by walking in the sea along the shore line, and I mean ‘in’, they were chest deep and enjoying the waves.


Eventually it was back to the car and head back, calling for provisions on the way.


After sausages and lentils for the evening meal we settled down with books and games before sleep called and we went to bed.