Brittany Oct 2015

Tues 27th

               It rained overnight and the sky looks grey, no worries though as we do have a plan.


After breakfast it was only a short drive into La Gacilly. There was a diversion that sent us away from the town, but that was all! Fortunately we knew the way so did, despite the road department’s best efforts, get to where we wanted to be.

Once parked it was a walk around, and visits to various shops.


Then it started to rain. Yves Rocher was only a short walk away and a long shop found nice smellies bought. Leaving there we headed for lunch, back at another restaurant we’d used in May.


Fed, it was back to the car. On the way Val remembered she had her umbrella with her, to Hannah’s chagrin!


On the road we headed through St Martin sur Oust to Rochefort-en-Terre and another walk.


Again, shopping was done and Hannah got a few house style ideas. Back in the car and back to Malstroit for provisions before returning home and an evening chilling.


Despite the weather not a bad day.