Brittany Oct 2015

Thurs 29th

                  Dull but not raining, it looks like it could be another decent day.


So it was south(ish0) again and Carnac. The drive was quick and it started to rain half way there, not full proper rain, but the light stuff that slowly wets you through. By the time we arrived at the megaliths it was definitely wet. The drizzle was trying its best to spoil the spectacle, it must be something about us and Carnac!


Still, we saw, photographed and then moved on, having a drink sat at a rather wet picnic bench by the last set of stones. The passing French must have thought we were mad.


Lunch called as we drove into the old town, surprisingly this was a first for us, we usually ended up in the new town section by the beaches.


A restaurant was chosen and three rather good meals were eaten. Val started with a salmon terrine, followed by a good paella and rounded of with a citron meringue, Hannah had rabbit terrine, duck and a raspberry meringue tart. Myself, I just had a seafood fricassee and raspberry meringue.


The meal started with a salmon pate amuse bouche and ended with a cherry soaked in eau de vie. Wonderful food and well worth the cost. As we left the sun came out, what a difference from wet wind!


Satisfied we moved on to Auray, calling at several brocante depots on the way.


Once parked in Auray it was wander time heading through the new town and down to the old town and a drink. We sat watching the tide come up the river, it was impressive the way the bridge funnelled it, the water being calmish on one side and turbulent on the other as it flowed up stream.


More shopping was followed by a drive home in the dark and steak hache for tea. Weve started clearing the fridge out now, only 2 more sleeps before we drive home.


So far this week has felt longer and time is drifting gently on.