Brittany, May 2015

                      The sun is out, it’s hot outside and we’re having breakfast. The day’s plan is to have a quick look at Guer, see if it’s worth walking to later in the holiday. As it happens I drove there, Val was a reluctant passenger as I don’t do the wrong side of the road ,  we found the  local supermarket and bought a load of sea food, as well as 2 bottles of Henri Bardouin.


Back to the gite and drop of  the shopping, then on to Ploermel, the nearest big town.


We’d had a quick look yesterday and decided to have a proper look today. Nice. The old town is compact with a few medieval buildings, all clustered around a couple of churches. One restaurant had carved beams and posts and was hidden down a narrow alley. As we looked more came to light.


Lunch was a plat de jour, artichokes and vinaigrette, followed by calves liver and rounded of with a crème caramelle. A pichè of wine and coffees supported the food, all in not bad for €30, it sounds a lot but the euro is low at the moment( about £0.74) so things are cheaper to us by comparison with this time last year.

Fed and watered we returned to the car and dropped down to the lake. Val found a car park next to a water sport centre and pulled in, we then sat on a bench in the sun and watched a class of teenagers playing canoe polo. Very entertaining and good to see youngsters enjoying their school work so much, there seemed little health and safety rules to curtail the activity, all had wetsuits and BA’s and ended in the water at some time or other.

The bar that served the complex also served a beer and ice cream for us, very welcome as the heat slowly built. As we were getting ready to leave I got talking to a couple of bikers from Jersey, a married (?) couple with a Honda and a Harley. They told us that, despite how things may seem, Jersey is not all sweetness and light. Local youths were struggling to find work, the jobs on the island were being taken by eastern European migrants that worked for longer on lower wages and so put the locals at a disadvantage.

We said our good byes and headed back home via a LeClerc where we bought breakfast for the morning.

The evening was spent sitting in the sun and reading with a beer or two, then a seafood salad for our evening meal. Val prepared the crab, prawns and shrimps, I did the salad base and winkled out the whelks. We eat so well on holiday that we need to take some exercise, a walk is on the cards for tomorrow, so after looking at the stars it was off to bed.