Brittany, May 2015

                     Another glorious morning and boiled eggs for breakfast, then on the road to Damgan, a coastal town. We drove through familiar country side which soon altered to new, unknown roads. On arrival we headed out to the end of the road and Penerf.


A coffee and beer in a bar were followed by a walk around a sleepy oyster farming village, and onto the coastal path. Grey skies were over head but it stayed warm and dry. Back in the car we headed into Damgan and parked up.


Lunch time was calling so a look for food started. The choice was good, restaurants offered everything from burgers to pizzas to sea food. We chose ‘Le Galion’ and a sea food lunch.


3 oyster and 6 prawns were followed by moulles frite and rounded of with a panacotta, that was each! The prawns were large and firm complimenting the oysters perfectly. A pichè of wine and coffees topped off the meal.


We had a wander along the seafront afterwards to help the meal settle, then it was back inland heading for Noyal-Muzillac, a medieval town which appeared to offer a stop.


Nice though it was we soon moved on and headed home, calling at a supermarket for provisions.


Another salad for the evening meal finished off our charcutrie and left us reading until bed time.