Brittany, May 2015

                      Happy anniversary! 32 years, I ask you, what did she do wrong to deserve me?


As I sit writing this its raining outside, thats put a stop to what we were going to do, we were going to go to Mont St Michelle, but that can wait for a better day. The Mont is best seen in sunshine.


So, after an extended breakfast and waiting for the rain to stop, we headed to Reminiac and our land lady's office to use the internet. After half an hour or so we left and went to the local bar for a drink. Rested and sorted we headed to Josselin.


A walk around and into the square for lunch.


How bizarre!


Despite sitting down outside an empty bar we found service slow, other customers were turned away and the waitress was, er, miserable! Still the food was OK.


Fed and watered we dropped down to the river/canal and had a walk.


Back into the car and we headed to Malstroit and a walk around. On leaving the square we followed a car, my choice. We went down to the river, crossed over a bridge, drove through a few streets and then the other car turned around obviously lost.


We turned into a car park and carried on out the other side, onto the main road. As we crossed the bridge we saw the other car going back over the bridge wed followed it over earlier! The locals wed upset on our way through were going to be livid!


A quick shop in the local Lidl and then back to the gite.


He evening meal was slightly extravagant; it is our anniversary after all!


We started with a Ricard and nibbles, followed by a prawn starter. The main was a salad and Steak hache.

Next was crepes followed by a cheese course, all washed down with a couple of bottles of Cremont de Limoux. All in all a good meal.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and drinking.


Finally bed.