Brittany, May 2015


                   And the sun is shining, so, breakfast over we set off towards Le Mont-St-Michelle.


The drive was  clear and fast, we arrived around 10:30, but what a change! We queued to get into the car park, then again to get on a bus, and once more to enter the town.

 Extensive work has been done, and is still being done, to turn Le Mont' back into a tidal island. Presumably all the publicity is drawing in more visitors, it caused us to do a return visit 20ish years after our last one. The streets were packed like sardine tins and anything that had a space seemed to be occupied. Surprisingly the prices in the restaurants  weren’t too bad, but drinks were a little high ( €4 for a small beer!), we chose not  to eat there and, instead returned to our car and drove to Dol-de-Bretagne.


We parked and found a nice little bar where we ate for less than €30 including drinks, what a bargain! Fed and watered we wandered back to the car and headed out to the coast. The drive was gentle and we eventually turned back towards Dol’ heading inland. At this point the scenery became flat and boring.


Back in Dol’ we picked up the road to Combourg, an ancient town with a château. Although nice, there wasn’t a lot to see, even the château was hidden behind trees. We weren't going to pay €20odd to go in, even if we couldn't see it from the road. New name for the place? CONbourg!


Once out of Con, sorry Combourg we headed across country in the general direction of home-ish, stopping for a wander around Bécherel, Un Petite Citè de Charecteure. Also Un Citè de Literiture. The small old town sector was filled with shops selling books and related ephemera!


What a find, we will go back at some time and spend a little more time there,, though not this holiday. What we did get there were 2 Ricard glasses, oh how we’ve searched for some only to be unsuccessful, but there they were and we duly christened them when we got home.


Back on the road and into Plelan-le-Grand for fuel before doing the last 20K home.


Once back it was the usual salad tea and then books before bed.


Another good day over.