Brittany, May 2015

                  Not a sunny start but at least it’s dry, so breakfast over we drove into Malestroit where we parked the car and had a gentle walk along the canal bank.


Damsel flies flitted around us as we stretched our legs. We were passed by numerous cyclists and the odd walker, but the atmosphere was relaxed, then the sun came out to play. Glorious!


As we approached a bridge we saw something in the water swimming to the bank, it looked like an otter but turned out to be a water vole. Half an hour was then spent watching and catching short glimpses of not just one, but three of the elusive creatures. I think I have a new favourite water creature!


Eventually we returned to Malestroit and had a late lunch at at the creperie in the square, gallettes with creamed mushrooms and a shared plate of fries, a pichè of cider and Val had a crepe to finish. True to form I had a beer instead. We finished with a coffee than left well fed and happy.


Another short walk and then a quick shop before returning home. Hopefully the next time we need to do a shop will be the wine/pastis/liquore shop before we set off back to the UK.


Back in the car and back home for a gentle evening reading, eating (a charcuterie salad) and drinking before going to bed.