Brittany, May 2015

                   Brittany sunshine outside, but not quit warm enough to eat breakfast in the garden. Still itís a nice day.


Todayís plan was to go into Ploermel  and spend a little time at an artisans market. The market when we got there was, er, small, so a wander around the town was also taken. Back in the car we decided to have a look at Loyat, that passed a further 5 minutes! We did pick up some lunch there, so the next move was down to the Lac de Duc.


A full week of events by the lake had started this morning and when we got there we were amazed at the volume of people, there were dog runners who had just finished their event, kids and teens on mountain bikes and teams of canoeist. We stood by the lake and watched the canoe polo (?), fast, aggressive and entertaining. The trials section was close to where we were stood, so we watched youngsters trying their skills over rocks, all part of the team events.


Eventually, after a sausage gallette, we returned to the car and drove back to our gite, where we had lunch before setting off for a gentle stroll.


We took the same path that we had walked on into Guer, this time in the opposite direction. We walked for an hour or so, then turned around and walked back. There were other people out doing the same thing as we passed them on the way out and back. All were friendly as were the cyclist that passed.


Once more back at the cottage we chilled out before sitting in the garden for our evening meal, local sausages and Puy lentils, very civilized.


After books we retired to bad and a good nightís sleep.