Brittany, May 2015


                    The weather forecast we saw in the bar in Guer all those days ago looks fairly accurate. They were forecasting a dull start to this week and, yes, it’s grey this morning. At least it isn’t raining, yet, that’ll be tomorrow, possibly, or not…


Today’s plan is a wander around the Brocéliande area, which is central to Arthurian legend in the region. King Arthur, the once and ever king, is supposed to have spent time here and there are local places with connections. Out of Porcaro we headed to Paimpont and a wander.


The abbey was old and interesting having a ship type roof. There were various shops, all closed, selling fairy related items, hmm. Next stop was an ancient oak, nothing to do with Arthur, but still interesting that a tree can last 500 years or so. We moved on and bought some Kueg Armande in St-Malon for a snack later in the day.


Next stop Trehorenteuc and a try for food, no go, so a drink and then a look around the village. The grail church was very interesting by itself, the story of it’s renovation in the 1950s was easy to follow and a legend by the alter gave all the details of the windows and how religion and legend interwove.


Back on the road, but not far and a visit to a Neolithic site where we sat and ate our Kueg as it rained. Rain over we took a short walk to the sat and then back to the car. Next stop, Chęne ŕ Guillotin, a 1000 year old oak surrounded by legends, and more rain.


Final stop  in the area for us was Merlin’s tomb, in fact a Neolithic tomb which had been extensively damaged by treasure hunters over the centuries. Just down the hill in the woodland behind the tomb was ‘The fountain of youth’, a spring with druidic links and newts! I jest not, there were at least 5 young newts in the water around the spring, as well as a red frog.


As the evening and weather drew in we headed home, stopping for some bread on the way.


Seeing as we hadn’t had much lunch we ate well in the evening, a charcutterie course to start followed by steak haché, onions and lentils and finished off with cakes bought earlier. Well fed we watched TV and read until we finally retired for the night.