Brittany, May 2015

                     The weather looks good so itís breakfast and on the road to the Gulf de Morbihan, an area we struggled to get our heads around 20 years or so ago.


The drive down was fast, no side roads just a straight line where possible, and then a turn off to Le Hezot. That was when the pace slowed down and we wandered down the coast in to little villages and wonderful scenery. This was nice.


Lunch time approached and we were in Arzon, or should I say on the out-skirts. We couldnít find anywhere we liked the look of to eat so headed out of town, mistake or what?


There were no eateries, cafes, bars or restaurants anywhere that look promising and we ended up sitting on a bench with a coffee watching the sea. Very nice scenery but not exactly what we had hoped for food wise!


A walk on the beach latter we moved on to Suscinio, a chateau we had visited with the kids 20 odd years ago. Little had changed, the castle was well presented and the plants and trees that were saplings when we were there last were well established. A gentle walk around the outside of the castle and then another coffee before heading for home.


On the way we stopped off and got fresh seafood for our evening meal. Back home we ate well, a charcutterie course followed by St Jacques, langoustines and crevettes with salad and after letting that lot settle, a cheese course. Local cider accompanied the seafood extravaganza.


Well satisfied we watched TV and finally went to bed.