Brittany, May 2015

                       Yes, it’s sunny, today’s plan is a visit to Roche Bernard and the weather is on our side. That said and fed we set off to the coast again, this time through Gacilly for a quick stop at the Yves Rocher shop, then on to Redon and a hypermarket.


As we entered the LeClerc hypermarket the over powering sales techniques turned Val’s brain to jelly (“Ooo, shiny stuff me want!) and it was hard keeping on track for what we’d stopped for. Eventually we got out, there’s big then there’s hyper, I don’t like either I’m afraid.


Back on the road we entered Roche’ and found it was market day so we ended up parked on a side street. On foot we headed to the old quarter and started looking for lunch. Les Deux Magots’ menu didn’t appeal this visit so we ended up on the boat restaurant in the harbour, good choice.


The menu de juor was a tomato and mozzarella tart followed by mignon de porc and a sweet to finish. well fed we walked around the moorings and visited the old town, then back to the car and out on the road to Rochefort-en-Terre.


arriving early evening we parked and walked along the main street, eventually buying a couple of cans to drink as we sat in the square, then up to the chateau, and what a surprise, it was free! a look around the grounds and then back to the car and home.


beef and mutton spicy sausages saw the last of the lentils used, then it was books and bed. another good day over.