Brittany, May 2015

                    Our last day, and the sun is still playing out with us. So it was a trip to Trehorenteuc and a walk to L'Arbre D'Or, it sounds like a dog but is in fact an eco monument. the focus is a gold covered tree, very impressive and, once the brits had left and we could see it properly, eye catchingly complex. The tree signifies the destruction and re-birth of the forest, after a fire the remains of this and several other trees were placed in a circle, the gold leaf covered one in the centre. Around the trees is a field of pointed stones with plants growing up and through them. clever.


We walked along the trail, heading to  de Vivienne, supposedly the Fee vivienne's house, but in truth a neolithic tomb from the centre of a cairn, the edges of the stone mound still visible in the grass. views across the open landscape below the ridge made the walk up even more worthwhile.


retracing our steps we walked back down and picked up the alternative oath back to the car, it was on this track that we saw a green dragon.


OK, maybe not a dragon, but the largest lizard I've ever seen! A good 10 inches in length and vivid green it stood out against the path, but as it moved into the undergrowth it's colours rendered it all but invisible if you didn't know it was there. Another smaller brown lizard later we returned to the car and left the ruck sack before walking to a restaurant in the hope it may be open, last visit here we missed it!

It was open and so we sat in the sunshine and had lunch, steak for me and Seafood Gallette for Val.


happy, we set off back to the gite, filling up with fuel on the way. once back it was that sad job at the end of all holidays, cleaning the house and loading the car. that done we emptied the fridge, drank the last of the wine and pastis then went to bed, early start tomorrow.