Brittany, May 2015

                    5:30 and were up and dressed, the last breakfast is on the table and the final bits are in the car. We ate  a reflective happy meal before finally leaving Maison Vert and heading home, the final departure time being 6:20.


On the road the miles flowed under Evi's wheels and we stopped after a100 or so for a leg stretch and coffee, Val took over the driving then and, despite her sub-conscious desire to stay in France and a diversion onto the Calais road, (I don't think she wanted to go home!) we got on the tunnel train earlier than booked.


Once back in the UK it was a stress filled first 100 miles, M25, Dartford crossing and all that, before we stopped in a 'services' outside Peterborough.


What a local atraction!


Back on the road and home, arriving around 6:00 in the evening, 649.5 miles in a day, not bad.

Total mileage was around 2169 including detours.