France 2017

The fall pipe kept us awake, the dripping sounding like drum!


Yes, it had rained overnight and seemed that there was the chance of it raining again through the day so the decision was made to visit Richelieu, a town planned and laid out by the cardinal himself in the 17th century.


We drove down, did an about turn where the army had the road closed and finally arrived mid morning. Parking was easy and a walk through the centre found us in the ‘top’ square where we avoided the bar of Brits and found a nice side road bar, where we had a drink.


A walk around the park led us to lunch and a meal in a local restaurant. Val had Veloute butternut, potimaronet oeuf poche (butternut soup and poached egg) followed by Onglet poele a la fondue d'oignons (steak and onions) and I had Salade diligence au chevre chaud (warm goat's cheese salad) followed by Cote de porc sauce moutarde (pork steak in mustard sauce)

Well fed we walked back to the car and headed to Chinon.


Free parking is always a plus, the short walk into the centre wasn’t a problem. The lack of shops was!


We walked around Chinon, looked at the castle, then returned to the car but didn’t spend a cent!

There’s something wrong when visitors to a ‘tourist town’ can’t find anything to spend money on, maybe that’s why there were so many empty shops.


Back on the road we returned to the cabin where a salad was waiting. Boring I know, but tasty all the same.


After a long day it was books, beer and bed.