France 2017

A misty morning, hmm!


We had breakfast, sorted ourselves out and set of to Chateau Villandry.


By the time we arrived the sun was doing a good impression of summer, so we entered the chateau and went into the building itself. The displays were OK, but the garden views from the windows made it worth while.


When we finally walked out onto the tower roof it was a bright, hot, clear day with superb views of the gardens.

C Villandry is renown for its grounds, and rightly so. The beds are maintained by a team of 12 gardeners and look just fantastic.

For lunch we had a picnic overlooking the lake and continued afterwards with our visit.


Eventually we returned to the car and drove back to Brehemont, where we had a coffee looking out over the river, watching the birds. Birds. Weve seen cormorants, swans, egrets and herons on the river as well as numerous other species in the country side.


Back at the cabin it was a salad, Val had bought some more prawns, followed by books, wine and bed.