France June 2018

      A good morning and breakfast. The spread was typical French and much welcomed. After we’d eaten we had a chat with Daniel our host before packing and heading out into the French road system again.


The aim was to get down to our next bed as quickly as possible, we managed it in around 5 hours, some time was wasted trying to find a lay-by for lunch.


Once in the nearest big town we headed to the supermarket and bought just enough food for our evening meal, we’re self catering at this stop, with a little left over for the following day’s lunch.


We arrived at the Chambre d’hote, a place called ‘Le Grand Noyen’, and settled in with a beer and a view across the valley.


Once settled it was time for a meal, we’d bought some bread, cheese and salamis which we ate looking out over the valley. When the other guests arrived we had a chat before they had their improvised meal. The evening passed quickly and all too soon it was bed time.