France June 2018

     A good breakfast and a nice conversation with Olivier our host set us up for the day. Well fed, we packed the car and said our goodbyes.


Back on the road it was into the Alps, avoiding Grenoble. We traveled across country, through deep valleys and eventually we passed through the ‘Tunnel de Chat’, a tunnel which brings the road out opposite Aix le Bain.


A stop for a coffee and toilet visit later we dropped through and into Chambery, emerging on a D road and heading for the first true drive of the holiday.


Col de Telegraphe beckoned.


We wound up the 10 kilometre road to the summit, passing push bikes and, in turn being passed ourselves by motorcycles, at the summit it was a quick break to view the scenery (and the parked bikes!) before we dropped down and drove on to the next col.


Col de Gelibier loomed over us like a long lost friend, we stopped in a lay by and had some lunch before starting the accent. The road twisted and allowed wonderful views, all the time the clouds drifting across neighboring peaks. Several marmots were spotted on rocks or amongst the grass and at one point an eagle was seen a long way off.

As we approached the summit the snow fields got larger, brushing up alongside the road, it was a surprise at how much there was for this late in the year. Once at the summit we went over the top proper, if a roads worth driving…


Once on the descent we passed through Col du Lautaret and headed down to La Grave and our hotel for the next two nights. La Serac was ‘welcoming’ as last time we stayed, but we like the food and atmosphere.

Once installed it was a walk to the tourist information office before washing and going down for a drink.


The evening meal was, as before on our last visit, a tour de jour. Prosciutto ham starters were followed by rabbit in a white wine and garlic cream sauce. A cheese course and then the final course of Apple tart was topped off with a coffee( and some meringues, just because!). The wine was a local gamay and, off course we started the whole thing off with a Ricard.


I’ve no idea how much weight we’ll put on over the next day or so, but it’s going to be fun doing it.


We returned to our room to see the evening out with a brandy, books and TV, before finally going to sleep. A very successful day.