France June 2018

     Today it will be mainly glacier.


Up and breakfasted we wandered down to the cable car and ascended to the heady heights of the glaciers. A two stage journey in a small cabin that we shared with a French couple.


We talked (in French mostly) and saw a marmot and high pasture sheep before getting out at 3500metres and looking around. Hmm.


The bar/café/restaurant was closed for renovation so the only thing to do was visit the ice cave. Not such a bad idea as the cave was carved into the glacier and contained ice sculptures which were imaginatively lit.


After a good wander we slid out of the cave and found a quiet corner for our picnic lunch.


Fed it was a short wait for the cable car down to the mid level where we investigated the ‘gentle stroll to the mountain lake and café. Sod that, it was a bloody alpine route complete with red and white markers!


Back in the cable car we dropped back into La Grave where we found a bar and had refreshments, Chartreuse and myrtle ices for Val and, yes, a beer for myself. Refreshed we walked back to the hotel to relax before the evening meal.


The evening meal was good solid fare, and by no means boring. We started with a smoked salmon salad, the fish of which was excellent. Next came, for want of a better word, a ‘Barnsley chop’, that’s the midriff section of a lamb. The meat was tender and so tasty that…

French beans and a small ravioli that we couldn’t name but enjoyed just the same accompanied the meat.


The obligatory cheese course was followed by a rum baba, excellent.

An aperitif was had before the meal, Ricard of course, and a bottle of Savoie Rose accompanied the courses. What can I say about the food at La Serac other than wow!


Absolutely over fed we retired for a good night’s sleep.