France June 2018

      Down for breakfast in the dark, so to speak. The power went off for the whole village, which made a shower impossible, I didn’t want a cold one and neither did Val.

Fed, packed and the bill settled we headed out on the road again. Much though we love the hotel we both agreed that a short stay is enough, the food is so good and abundant that we’d put on too much weight if we stayed much longer, and Jean Michel is such a gentle and good host it’s hard to say ‘no’ when wonderful goodies are offered.


Up to La Col de Lautoret and a visit to the alpine gardens, nice plants and good information, well worth a visit ( and we got a reduced entry with the cable car tickets from yesterday!)


Back on the road we drove through to Briancon where we did a quick shop before heading up Col d’Izoard. The road wound it’s way sky wards until it finally crested and we stopped for lunch ( salami, cheese, beer and bread). We watched the assorted bikes that passed through, making notes about which were the favored makes and models (BMW and any ‘GS 1200!)


Once fed, we dropped down and stopped off for a plate of chips and a drink, before heading on to our destination for the night, Guillčstre. We stopped at a local supermarket for salad bits before driving on to the chambre d’hote.


We we’re made welcome and shown our room before being invited for a cool drink, Francine is a wonderful lady who can impart her knowledge easily, even though my French isn’t that good I understood most of what she said.


Left alone we prepared a salad and ate well before walking into the town for a drink. It’s an interesting place with a surprisingly busy centre for a Monday evening. We had a wide choice of bars so didn’t have any worries. We chose a quiet one where we could watch the world go by.


Back at the room we had a beer and read/watched TV before going to sleep