France June 2018

       Up with the larks, well not quite, sort of up, showered and dressed.


We had a good typical breakfast of bread and jam, yogurt, croissants and coffee before leaving for our next epic voyage south. The map said it was going to take one and a half hours! And the sun was getting hot…


We drove south from Guillèstre and around the east side of Lac de Sere-Poncon. A natural site we’d seen from the road was, this trip, a point to visit. Enter Les demoiselles Coiffees.


These strange objects are solid rocks weighing several tons and in a varying range of sizes, which are perched on top of softer rock. The erosion leaves a column with a boulder on to, strange and fascinating. Apparently, and the maps prove this, they only appear on south facing aspects, most curious.


Curiosity satisfied it was back on the road, stopping for a coffee over looking the lake, it was getting hotter as the day rolled on. So hot that I even took of my shirt and let the sun at my pale feeble body!


We drove on for a short while and, as we entered Tallard I said ”there’s a car park as we enter the town, it’s a good place to stop”.

We entered the town and, as Val was amazed to see, a car park appeared. I had remembered the approach from four years ago, that disproves the rumour I’m getting senile in my, er, middle? years.


A walk into the square and we chose a pavement café called Le P’tit Marseillans for our lunch. Val started with a local pate, very nice and a good portion. I had the ‘salad oceane’, a salad with small mussels, shrimps and bits of calamari on it. We both had a steak, (onglet de beouf) as the main and the sweet was a wonderful tart au citron avec meringue ( lemon meringue pie!). we accompanied the meal with the bar’s rose and topped it off with coffees. Wonderful, everything we’ve come to expect in France.


Happy, we had a wander around the town before heading on to our bed for the next three nights. A stop at a Super U saw food and wine bought before we arrived at


Once installed it was once again time to eat. I presented Val with ‘un caviar de goute avec charcuterie’( chopped tomatoes, cornichons and cheese, how’s that for posh naming?) which was followed by a salad with far to many prawns. We eat well! A bottle of wine washed it all down.


The rest of the evening was spent reading before we eventually went to bed.