France June 2018

      A hot night, but we both managed to sleep fairly well.


Val had been up early, not able to sleep past 6ish, and got breakfast ready. Coffee though, was proving a problem. Weíd brought some coffee pods and had some instant sashays but when we got here the machine was a filter one. Attempt one failed, pods in the basket didnít get enough water through them. So attempt number two, filter paper in basket and tear open pods, pour coffee into basket try again. Nope!

In desperation instant coffee was added to the pot resulting in a drinkable, if strange, coffee.


Breakfasted we had a Wednesday then set of for Les Gorger de la Meouge, and followed the road along the length.  Stopping several times to admire the scenery the morning soon passed and we found ourselves in Sisteron for lunch.

A walk through the old town and we were installed outside a pavement restaurant awaiting our meal. The beer I had hit the spot, quenching my thirst. A piche of rose was also ordered and shared between us. The meal went straight into the main, lamb and chips, was prepared beautifully, this was followed by a tart abricot avec NUTS. The meal was just what we needed and slowed the day down to a gentle saunter.


After paying we left and walked up to the citadel which overlooks the city and rivers. A building that goes back to roman times, the citadel was impressive to walk around and investigate itís history. While we were on the highest ramparts we could see poor weather far to the north.


Back in the town we had a drink before heading back to base, which we reached at the same time as the storm. A glass of iced water was had watching the rain fall on the lawn, the car, me, and anything else not under cover.


We had a light picínímix meal this evening, both of us still full from our mid day meal. Once fed we chilled watching TV and reading before going to bed, for us, early.