France June 2018

       Up early, the idea is to go to a market.

Breakfast was had outside, before we knew where we were it was nine o’clock. So we took the road to Laragne Monteglin, where we knew there would be a market on.


It was a good choice, the market most certainly was on, and a big one it was too. We wandered around for an hour or so buying fresh provisions and odds before realising we had no cool bag or ice packs with us, they were back at the gite. So a quick drive ‘home’ where we parked in the village square and I walked up to the gite with our things while Val had a coffee outside a bar.


When I returned I had a beer while we sat and listened to a local playing guitar and singing. Most relaxing, especially in the heat. Refreshed we moved out, calling for lunch at a supermarket and taking advantage of the ‘low’ fuel price.


Back on the road we found ourselves relaxing by the river in Les Gorges de la Meouge, which we had visited the day before. The water was grey with silt this time though, a result of the rain overnight. And it started to spot.


Not wanting to take any chances we drove back to the gite for a lazy afternoon, books and beers were calling, as was the need to sort out and get ready for our departure in the morning. As the afternoon rolled on I made the evening meal, a starter of duck pate and French toast was followed by a tomato and basil salad with charcuterie.


As I was tidying up Val came in to the gite and said she could hear live music in the square, so we walked down to find the same singer we had seen at lunch time. Wine ordered we sat and enjoyed the music. It turned out that he was a dutch musician who had played with a group called Shocking Blue on their single ‘Venus’ in 1969. He came across to us and had a short friendly chat, he knew we were English because we knew the words to the songs (we may have sung along a little too loudly, oops!).


Eventually it was back to the gite and one last night’s sleep before moving on.