France June 2018

     The Mistral is still blowing, it’s had a rest overnight but looks like it’s on for another full day’s performance, could be wrong though…


A good night’s sleep and we were up fed and ready for the day, today it would be Avignon. Once on the road it was an easy drive down to the city and parking was found quickly. We parked in an underground car park, not cheap but safe, secure and easy to enter.


A walk around the town found us shopping, having a coffee and exploring the commercial streets. All to soon lunch time approached.


We returned to a square we’d been too earlier and ate in a pavement café. We had a good meal, the main being steamed fish and veg with an aioli mayonnaise, very tasty. Happy we walked out and visited the park on top of the hill where a good all around view can be had, and we saw two French park rangers on motorcycles.


Back on the way down an historic church was visited before we started shopping proper, Yves Rocher and H&M did well before a small park found us with soft drinks to cool down, the wind hadn’t arrived, all there was was a gentle breeze.


Finally we returned to the car and headed homeish, stopping at a hypermarket for some not-so-cheap supplies.


Pizza and salad fed us in the evening before watching the sun go down then reading and bed. A good day.