France June 2018

     It must be Provence, there’s blue sky.


A quick breakfast of coffee and croissant and then it was out on the road. We always seem to be traveling somewhere, but hey!


This time it was a visit back to l’Isle sur la Sorgue, a favorite place, for the Sunday market. On arrival we promptly headed out of town to a (very) local suburb where we could park without any problems. Other than a ten minute walk into the main town.

The market was in full flow, as usual, and we wandered along to a favoured bar for a drink.  We ordered and when the drinks arrived enjoyed a few minutes watching the crowds go by. There was only one thing that started to grate.


There were an inordinately large amount of Americans in the town, they’re loud voices cutting through the hubbub and singling them out. Still, we were all there to interact.


Lunch was a barquet of tapenades, black olive, sun dried tomato and garlic eaten with a fresh baguette de Sophie, that’s bread! We sat along side the canal and enjoyed our impromptu meal, much to the amazement of other visitors (it wasn’t a sandwich, so what was it?!)


Happy, we re-entered the fray and found a bar for a drink. Live really can be relaxed and easy going.


Eventually we walked back to the car, after a visit to a ‘Utile’ for fly combat items.


We had parked at le partage d’eaux, where we sat and watched life go by, hoping against hope that the girl walking through the river would slip, she didn’t, still…

After a while in the sun we moved across into La Pescador, where we had stayed to long ago, there it was time for refreshments.


Val had a wonderful ice cream with frozen red fruits, strawberries, raspberries, black currents and red currants on top of strawberry and raspberry ice-cream and citron sorbet with a fresh whipped cream base all came together to make her more than happy. Me? What else but a large beer, I feel I’m getting too predictable in my old age! (Is 60 old? I don’t feel it, in fact I may even buy a new bike and tour the Alps next year, when I retire)


Slowly we moved back to the car and drove home where we sorted the fly problem in the gite before eating.


The evening meal was a tapenade and bread starter followed by tomato and charcuterie on a green salad base, the rose wine we had washed it down well.

After eating we watched the sun sink below the garden wall reading and bed.


Tomorrow will be an interesting day...