France June 2018

      The sky is clear, the sun is up and so are we.


The plan for today was to be a visit to a bird park and then on to Aigues Mort. So up and showered we had an early breakfast and were on the road before 9:00. As we went out to the car Val was hit by a low flying cicada, she was shocked but also amazed to see one so close up. They really area big insect and totally harmless.


We drove down to the Camargue where the Pont du Gau bird park is. The roads were clear and progress fast, we arrived by 10:00 and were soon inside. The entrance fee of €15 for both of us was very reasonable and the welcome warm, though not as warm as the weather which was heading to be a hot day.


Once inside we headed to the first lakes and the birds we, and everybody else, had come to see, flamingos. The stood in the water and were easy to photograph, not seeming bothered at all about the large amount of people watching them. While watching Val became aware of a large rodent swimming in the lake.


It turned out to be the first of many we would see and was a Coypu. It was patrolling the lake edge and, like the birds, not bothered at all by all the people.


We explored the paths, discovered the large number of herons and watched birds everywhere. As lunch time approached we walked across to the café. The prices here were also good. We had a couple of freshly made sandwiches and some drinks as we sat and watched the birds in the trees before us. Relaxed and fed we moved out and walked around the biggest lagoon on the site, a trail of some 4.5 kilometers.


Although the birds were harder to see on this lake we did see a pair of Avocets and several coypu. But the star creatures for me were the dragonflies. All sizes and colours flitted around, some posed nicely, others were just too flighty. I managed to get good shots of red, blue and gold ones as well as a very pretty little damsel fly.


Eventually we decided it was time to leave, around 3:15 in the afternoon. So much for going anywhere else for anything other than a drink.


We followed the road to it’s end in Ste-Marie-de-la-Mer and looked at he Mediterranean, azure blue water and clear blue skies, silver sand and a typical seaside town. They’re the same the world over. We had a plate of calamari between us and some drinks then, back at the car, it was time to head home.


We drove on A roads and were soon back in our gite, supplies refreshed and ready to eat. The meal was a mushroom pate starter served with fresh bread and very nice. A prawn salad followed, Val having found some she was happy to buy, and even happier to eat. A bottle of wine helped it all down.


Sunburnt and happy we relaxed and decided where to go  in the morning before going to bed.