France June 2018

      The wind has dropped completely and it’s another Provonçale day.


And for us a late start. After eating we packed a lunch bag and started out for Pont du Gard. A simple drive that took us straight there.


Once inside we investigated the paths in the monument’s park, finding olive trees, roman ruins and cicadas. The ruins were over grown and impressive, being the remains of the aquaduct that led up to main bridge. Some had been ‘preserved’ but were still impressive.


The cicadas, though, they took some seeing and were, for such a large, noisy insect were very well hidden. Even though they were in full view the colour of their bodies blended perfectly with the trees they were sitting on. Once we got ‘our eye in’ we saw quite a few and I managed some good photos.


The paths lead us around to a view of the bridge from a hill top, it was to early for a good photo, the sun being behind the bridge, and there was nowhere to sit for a picnic. So we back tracked a little way and sat on some rocks under an olive tree while we ate.


Once fed we resumed our walk and dropped down into the gorge and some good views of the monument. It was as impressive as we remembered and this time Val was able to enjoy all the walks and view points. We both took photos and even a few selfies. I’m aware that there’s a shortage of photos of me and that Val wants to put that right. Who am I to object?


The day passed pleasantly, the sun cooking my legs, which were, by the time we left, very sore. I wanted to were my jeans knowing my legs were sun burnt at the start of the day, but against bettter judgement went in shorts.


We left Pont du Gard around 5:15 and headed homeward, although Val had another idea. ‘let's do a quick visit to Castillo DE Gard’ she said. Who was I to argue, after all she’s the driver. So a left turn and a few kilometers latter we found ourselves walking around a pretty hilltop fortified town.


The streets were narrow and the buildings old. Very old, they made me feel young. We bought some bread, taking the baker by surprise (we think he was actually closed, but if you have bread on the shelf and the door’s open…) A walk around found us looking back at the Pint, a reversal of the earlier views we’d had from the monument of this little hill top village.


Eventually we arrived home, where the evening meal was had. A boring starter of fresh crusty bread and mushroom pate was followed by a characterize and cheese salad, all finished off with a fresh pastry bought with the bread. The usual pasties and wine accompanied the meal.


The evening was then spent deciding where to go tomorrow before finally going to bed.