France June 2018

     The birds are chirping outside in the bright sunlight, time to get up.


After a reasonably late for us, breakfast, we headed out on the road, Bagnols-sur-Ceze was that target so that we could visit a supermarket which had things we might actually want. The road was quick and soon we were shopping.


Boot loaded it was into the fuel station to top up. Next stop was going to be La Roque-sur-Ceze, a small village with a waterfall. We only expected to be there an hour or so.


Once parked, €5 for the day, we walked up, and I mean up, into the village. The buildings were medieval and the streets steep. We found a bar and had a drink, we needed one after the climb, and there was still more to do!


Once the village had been fully explored, which took longer than we had expected, we walked back to the car and picked up our picnic bag, lunch was to be eaten overlooking the waterfall. As we arrived we realised that the lack of shade would make this niegh on impossible, so we found a rocky ledge in the shade of the woods and ate there. The only slight problem was that the path ran straight past us, oh well.


Once fed we wandered around the falls and finally settled, watching the youngsters jumping into the water from 4 and 5 metre cliffs. Ah the impetuousness of youth! The afternoon soon passed and we decided it was time to leave. So much for an hour’s visit, we’d been there nearly 6 hours!


The drive back to the gite was uneventful and steady. Once back I made the standard salad before we read and finally went to bed. This had been the first evening we managed to stay outside as the flies seemed to have moved away, possibly following the horse that had been in an adjacent field…