France June 2018

     My long time manager and good friend retired today, he had enough holidays left to finish a few weeks early, good luck Geoff and have a long and enjoyable retirement.


Mean while back in France, we breakfasted and then drove across to Uzes, a town we had passed a few years ago when last in the area. The sun decided that today was going to be another hot one. A gentle breeze dis-agreed with it, but eventually gave up.


We parked just outside the old town and were soon wandering it’s historic streets. As we entered a square a café slowed us down, so much so that we had a drink. Refreshed we set off again, admiring the ancient buildings and architecture. The Duche’s castle with it’s coat of arms on the roof caught our eye, as did the tourist information office where we picked up a guide map. Most useful.


When lunch time arrived we plumped for a seat in a roadside restaurant and had the ‘menu de jour’, cuisse de pintard with veg followed by isle flotante and a coffee. A piche of rose topped it off for the princely sum of €37.50. Good food, good waiter and a good venue. Bl owed if I can remember it’s name!


Fed we explored a little further before leaving. The parking cost €4.50, not bad, even better when I picked up €4 off the floor!


Back on the road it was across to a cave for some local wine, we did’t get the red we wanted, but the rose was bought in abundance. A couple of supermarkets later we were home for the evening. Packing the car was quick, and the evening meal an eating up one. A characterize platter was followed by a quiche salad, no wine tonight just beers, the wine will take up less room than small beer bottles so…


All ready for the morning we went to bed for the last night in this git