France June 2018

       Up early, showered and a quick breakfast.


With the car packed we said our goodbyes and set of on the journey north. The stop for tonight was only some 4 hours north, but we wanted to get there with time to relax.

The motorway was easy to access and we were soon flying in the direction of  Lyon, the A6 being almost empty.


The nearer we got to Lyon the heavier the traffic, until we were crawling along in a slow traffic jam. As the roads twisted and cleared we slowly got up more speed until we were flying once more. The drive through Lyon took almost as long as the drive there!


We stopped at an aire north of Lyon and had a light lunch. 2 coffees were bought from the buvet and went well with the meal. Refreshed it was back on the road for the last stretch.


We turned off the motorway and headed for Meursault and headed for our room for the night. Val had booked us in at a motel, Hotel les Hauts de Meursault, which we found easily and were soon installed. A quick drink later and we walked down into the town proper.


Very nice, the buildings, mostly 17th and 18th century affairs were all clean and well presented. When we found the square we checked the menus and decided to eat at our hotel, most of the others in town were too expensive! As the temperature rose we found a bar/tabac and settled fro a drink or two and watched the world go by.


Eventually we found ourselves back at the hotel where we relaxed before having a shower and going around to eat.

We chose the fixed price menu and had a starter and a main each. the starter was a selection from the buffet, Val's plate was a riot of charcuterie, fish and salad, I just stuck to the sea food. For the main Val chose steak tartare, and very nice it looked too. the steak was fresh and finely chopped. I was boring and had a brochette a la chef, the steak on mine was tender and, as I like it, red in the middle. Both mains were accompanied with fries and  salad, nice. We started with an aperitif ( Fizzy wine and ricard..) and had a piche of red wine with the meal.


Fully satisfied we retired to our room for a  read before bed and falling into the arms of slumber..