France June 2018

      It was a hot night, I slept poorly but, and I don't know how, Val managed to get a good rest.


Up, car packed and ready to go we went round for breakfast, a buffet affair and very well stocked and presented it was too. The coffee machine did give us a few problems, but once mastered the results were worth it.


Account paid it was out on the road, via Beaune for fuel (and a Wednesday. I was a little..) and then on the road. Map reading and calculating our times I was within 5 minutes of accuracy. I said we'd be through Dijon by 10 and we were, I also said that once past Troyes it would be 11:30 and time for lunch. I was right again!


We ate in an aire and were back on the road by 12:30, a good time to travel as the locals were all having there mid day meals. We covered the final stage of the journey and were some 2 hours early, so a visit to a local town and a supermarket for that final shop was called for. No problem, when done it was time to head to our accommodation for the night, Manoir du Brugnobois was found, a table for the evening meal booked and we were shown to our room.


A shower and out into the garden for a glass of wine and a book before getting changed and going around for the evening meal. W e both chose the Menu de jour and started with a scallop dish, the scallops were served in a dish covered by a white sauce which contained shrimps. The main was a fish dish, it turned out to be Pollock, the fish had been cooked and was served with a leek and tomato white sauce. There was also salad, beans and rice with the fish. All in a very tasty main. The sweets were where we differed. Val going for a Coffee gourmand (several small dishes and a coffee) while I had a creme brulee and a coffee.


The usual piche of rose and aperitifs accompanied the meal, all in yet another fine menu and restaurant.


Back in the room we had a good night glass of wine and then slid into a good night's sleep.