Sweden 2017

Thurs 1/6/17


6:30 alarm from the ship and we were up!

Breakfast from the food bag and then on to the duty free to collect our pre-paid booze, some beers and wine to drink while on holiday.

Down in the car we were off the boat quickly, through customs and passport control and onto the open roads of Holland.

That was easy, the hard part was seeing where we were supposed to go, the roads were full of wagons! No matter which lane we got into there was a wagon of some sort in front of us!

In the first 600K we missed 2 turnings, the first was my fault for looking down at the wrong time, the second was a wagons, it obscured the road sign and we missed the turning!

Thankfully we were in Lower Saxony so the language was appropriate.

Both wrong turns were easy to amend and the journey was simple, if a little/lot(delete as necessary) slow. We’ve never seen so many wagons in such a small area!

Eventually we arrived at our bed for the night in a little village called Thomsdorf. It was supposed to be a bar and restaurant, but the website was out of date (they hadn’t done food/beer for 12 months!) so we drove down to the coast and ended up in Dahm.

 A walk on the shore line found us eating in a restaurant. Val had some sort of fish with shrimps  in a Lobster Prawn and dill sauce, it looked pinkish in colour and was, she assures me, very nice. I had Zander ( a different one to the last time in France!) in a saffron and spinach sauce. I can assure you it was very nice. A garlic bread and salad accompanied the meal as did two beers. Not bad for 34E.

Back at our room we had a night cap using the nice glasses that had, some how, fallen into a bag on the ferry, then bed.