Sweden 2017

Sun 11/6/17


Benny drove today, the weather was changeable but the atmosphere warm and friendly.

After a walk in a small coastal town we headed on to Varberg where we walked to the castle and back, as the rain started. Swedish windscreen wipers sound the same as British ones.

Driving ‘like he stole it’ (Lotta’s words not mine!) Benny headed for a pub in the middle of nowhere. Called ‘The Red Fox’ with a micro brewery in the rear. The brewer, owner and host turned out to be from Hull.

Ey up!

We had a beer, got a free tour and had a good laugh, Phil seeming happy to converse  Tyke and discuss the state of the UK. A Swedish resident for 30 years he still hadn’t  applied for citizenship, but things looked like they may change.

After buying a couple(6!) of bottles we left and returned to Falkenberg.

The evening meal was new potatos, asparagus and salmon, of course there was beer  with the meal and we eventually retired for a last night’s sleep at Benny’s before moving on.