Sweden 2017

Mon 12/6/17


Late start, and a gentle drive down the coast towards Halmstad.

Benny had told us which way to go over breakfast, so once packed it was a sad farewell. We hugged Benny and Lotta goodbye and drove out onto our next section of the holiday.

The coast road was slow but scenic, and in the sun shine very nice. When we approached Halmstad we hit the motorway heading towards Vxj.

On arrival at the Toftastrand Hotel we had a wait while our booking was sorted, theyd lost it!

We got a cabin upgrade though. Nice accommodation with a view of the lake, beyond the construction work

There appears to be an extension to the hotel in progress. From what we can see theyre building some more cabins by the lake side.

Once booked in we returned to the edge of Vxj and a shopping mall. Vals idea and a good one, it was raining.

After a walk around we ate in a buffet restaurant, Chinese style food tested our will, we won. Neither of us ate too much which meant we were comfortable when we returned to the hotel and, after a shower and glass of wine we slept well.